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Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

Backache is a common problem. Now there is an evidence-based way to improve back health and function.

The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the largest research studies into yoga to date, funded by Arthritis Research UK.

The ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB) programme is 30% better than usual care. It aims to gently and progressively get sufferers back to being more active again.

Who Are Classes For?

This yoga was designed for people who have non-specific, chronic/recurring low back pain. Participants learn yoga for pain-relief, healing and improvement of their back health for now and the future. Aims are re-education and re-alignment of the body plus raised self-awareness. Poses include standing, sitting, kneeling and lying down with stable comfort.

No need to wait until the next back pain episode – begin soon. Learn life-long skills to improve mental and physical health. Ask your GP whether this gentle, evidence-based, specially-adapted yoga course is appropriate for you. 

Yoga Class Format

The 12 x 75 minute class course comprises of easy foundational yoga poses. Props such as a yoga block, blanket or belt are used to aid effectiveness and comfort.

The course is divided into 2x blocks of 6 classes, there may be a 1 to 2 week break in between. The first 6 weeks form part I of the course and we will work on CORE postures. The remaing 6 weeks form part II of the course we will introduce PROGRESSIVE postures.

What you need for class

You need to bring a yoga mat, yoga block, yoga belt, a pillow and a blanket.

How Does This Yoga Compare to Other Treatments?

Compared with other quality research, the scientific results for this programme found yoga to be one of the most effective options available relative to other mainstream and complementary treatments. Lesson for lesson it is better than all other rigorously researched back health treatments.  

How Long Does Yoga Work?

‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme works both short- and long-term. Participants are helped to bring postural improvements and mental focus into their daily lives.

The research has shown that benefits were still found a year after starting yoga. 9 months after their 12-week course finished, the majority of the research trial’s yoga group were practicing approx. 30 minutes twice a week at home. 

How to book pay for the course

1. Please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page to express your interest and so that we can arrange best time for me to give you a call, this is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and for me to find out about more about why you would like to join the course and how best to help you.  You may need to go on a waiting list, each course is 12 weeks.

2.  Next step is to go to YHLB website to order and pay for your Resource Pack.  This is currently £48.50 + P&P.  

You will need it for the duration of the course and for life as you continue with your home practice after the course finishes.

The pack also contains the Registration Form / Health Questionnaire that you will need to complete and return before the course starts.  Click on the link: 

3.  Return the the completed Registration Form / Health Questionnaire to me by e-mail.

4.  Teaching fee payable 1 week before week 1 & week 7 = £77.00 + £77.00

What if I have to miss one class?

12 Classes Enables You to Help Yourself. It is important to attend Class 1, so I would be grateful to know if you are unable to attend this class. Should you be unable to attend any of the classes, you are welcome to catch up these missed classes on future courses thereby ensuring you receive 12 classes.

What if I need to cancel before the course starts? .

In the event of you needing to cancel before the course starts, please let me know as soon as possible.

Workplace Yoga

YHLB can be taught in the workplace as long as there is space available. I will bring the materials needed.

Yoga reduces sick leave due to backache and stress. The research showed absenteeism reduced by approx 70% over a year (8.5 days) from this single 12-week course. Employers can arrange classes at lunchtime or after work.

Yoga is mostly taught in groups and is therefore very cost-effective. Use fom below to contact me if you would like a quote for the workplace.


‘Sandra came to our physiotherapy department so we could experience first hand a taste of one of her yoga sessions, as we often recommend yoga as a way to manage musculoskeletal pain.

She was very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga, and was able to suggest different positions/techniques, depending on the problems people were having.

I am very happy to put forward Sandra's name to back pain patients who are interested in attending a 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' course and any of the other classes for general musculoskeletal problems.'

- Alison - Coalville Community Hospital - Physiotherapy department

'Sandra's yoga for healthy backs was recommended to me by the physiotherapist I was seeing following a slipped disc. I have found Sandra's class both enjoyable and really helpful. She has helped raise my awareness to how I sit, stand and move and my posture has improved. Sandra takes time and care in how she teaches and I would recommend her to anyone wondering if yoga is for them. Thank you Sandra, I look forward to more of your yoga classes.'


'Thank you for your wonderful instruction on the YHLB course. I have enjoyed it very much, particularly being part of a small group and benefiting from almost individual attention. Also your calmness and thoroughness in delivering the course were a tonic in themselves!'


'Thank you for the yoga course at Smisby. I found it really interesting. It has made me review how I stand, walk and exercise. I've learned some useful techniques to ease and strengthen my back and it has given me more confidence in self practice. '


'I recently attended Sandra's new class which was particularly aimed at Yoga for Lower Backs. I was recently diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and thought it may help me. I am pleased to say that the stretching and twisting postures give me a great deal of relief, and I would recommend that anyone with this condition should give it a try. I now use the postures every day, if only for a short while. The good thing is that we were given work sheets, which detailed the postures which we learned in each class - it's great to have a reminder! Thank you so much, Sandra.!'

- Angela -

Please contact me if you would like more information or to book on a course.

Register NOW for the next course near you:

Day: Thursday

Time: 18.45pm to 20.00pm

Venue: Moira Village Hall

             Moira, Swadlincote

You can also call me on 07966 308826


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For more information about this ground-breaking research click on the link below:-

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