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Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage efficiently treats injuries caused from overuse or repetitive movements. It removes blockages and damaged cells, speeding up recovery and encouraging healing. Regular massage ensures that unnoticeably small injuries are treated before they develop into major problems which can lead to reduction in function of the muscle.

In a typical remedial massage therapy session, we will discuss your symptoms, medical history and the desired results.

An evaluation is performed before beginning the massage.

You will be covered with a towel to respect modesty and only the area being worked will be revealed. Oil is used to help reduce friction on the skin. 

Some conditions that may be treated

Stress - Back pain - Tension in the muscles – Sciatica - Shoulder pain - Frozen shoulder - Arthritic pain – Headaches - Neck aches - RSI – Muscle flexibility and mobility     

Massage treatments aim to benefit you by:

  • Reducing muscle tension or cramp – before and after exercise, soothes chronic pain
  • Enhancing immune system
  • Reducing stress, headaches and may help to reduce high blood pressure through relaxation
  • Helping joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improving skin tone through exfoliation and increased circulation
  • Speeding up healing of soft tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation to injured areas.
  • Heightening mental alertness
  • Helping to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improving sleep quality

If you would like to book a treatment, please use the form below or alternatively call me on 07966 308826.

Treatments will take place at Measham Leisure Centre and need to be booked at least 1 week in advance.

Please contact me to enquire about rates for Sports/Health clubs or workplace visits.

Price list

On your 1st appointment allow a minimum of 60 minutes

(includes a 20 minute initial consultation)

Ist appointments, all with full consultation and treatment

(90 mins maximum appointment time)........£45.00

Repeat treatments

(40 mins maximum appointment time).......£25.00

Full body massage

(60 mins maximum appointment time)........£35.00


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Sandra da Silva Dip. RM (MSM), Member of NAMMT

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