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‘Sandra came to our physiotherapy department so we could experience first hand a taste of one of her yoga sessions, as we often recommend yoga as a way to manage musculoskeletal pain.

She was very knowledgeable and passionate about yoga, and was able to suggest different positions/techniques, depending on the problems people were having.

I am very happy to put forward Sandra's name to back pain patients who are interested in attending a 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' course and any of the other classes for general musculoskeletal problems.'

- Alison

Coalville Community Hospital

'I love going to my yoga class in Moira, it makes me feel so much healthier and focused. I feel I have become more flexible and energetic. I also suffer from a bad back but since I have been doing yoga I have felt such a big improvement. I am so glad that I made the decision of taking yoga classes.'

- Emilia Rodrigues

‘Although I have been doing yoga for some years, I have found Sandra's classes most enjoyable and her approach totally professional, yet she manages to teach us all and to look at our techniques and positions afresh. Yoga is important to me and I am happy to recommend her to friends and anyone needing yoga for whatever reason. She is a superb teacher.’

- Carolyn Tasker

'I have been a member of Sandra da Silva's Yoga Classes for around five years, both in Packington, Ashby and occasionally Moira.

Sandra is a professional and committed teacher. Her weekly class is important to me, not least because of it's friendly supportive atmosphere in which I can relax and learn, knowing that I'm in safe hands.

I unreservedly recommend Sandra as an outstanding Yoga teacher !'

- Carol Thompson

'I have been attending Sandra’s Yoga classes at Moira village hall and sometimes Packington village hall for the last two years now. I had never been to a yoga class before, and I found you to be very welcoming and very supportive from the start. You helped me learn the correct techniques of yoga, and always encouraged me to work at my own level. You are always approachable and I really enjoy your classes. I feel yoga has been very beneficial to my well being and I hope to continue with your classes for the foreseeable future. I would recommend your classes to any of my friends.

Keep up the good work'

- Louise Wood.

‘I found details of Sandra’s yoga classes through the British Wheel of Yoga website (the recognised governing body for yoga) and have now been attending her beginners classes for about 5 months.

Her lessons follow a pattern of preparation/warm up, postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Different positions and sequences are regularly introduced to keep the sessions interesting and she asks for feedback on anything new that we do. I have found Sandra’s classes to be very effective in improving my flexibility, posture and relaxation and am pleased with how quickly her lessons have helped me become competent in various positions and sequences.’

- Spencer M.

'I must admit to being a little apprehensive about starting yoga last September. I needn't have worried-I quickly felt at ease in the lessons and now leave each session relaxed, happy and a little stronger. I look forward to my weekly lessons . Sandra is an excellent teacher. Calm and gentle. I have the yoga bug now. I love it !'

- Sarah G.

" I have attended Sandra's Yoga classes for about 5 years. Her lessons are always thoroughly prepared and delivered in a professional manner. Sandra supervises the class carefully and gives advice on how to achieve correct postures and effective breathing.

She remembers if anyone has an injury or limitation and will always advise on variations to a posture as needed. Sandra is reliable, approachable and has a very calm temperament which creates the relaxing atmosphere that make her classes so enjoyable. I would recommend her classes to people of all abilities. "

- Katherine Pilbro

'We are two ladies in our 70's who have been attending Sandra da Silva's Yoga classes in Moira, Leicestershire, since September 2008.

At all times, we have found Sandra to be very professional. Her sessions are well planned and she is aware of any problems that people have, adapting the exercises to suit their individual needs.

We are obviously very satisfied with the way she conducts her classes as we have been attending them now, on a regular basis for, over 5 years.'

-GillianSwindell & SirleyHarrison

I have attended yoga classes led by Sandra Da Silva for more than 2 years. She is friendly and welcoming and importantly very knowledgeable of the subject she teaches. She has a professional attitude, requiring health questionnaires to be completed and adapting exercises to the needs of the individual. Furthermore, her classes are well organised and I have readily recommended her classes to friends.

- Julie Brown

'Thank you so much for your excellent yoga instruction. I have attended your class for the last four years now, and the benefits I feel, as a result, are absolutely marvellous.

I look forward eagerly to Monday evenings, because I know that I will be greeted in a calm, serene, open, warm and friendly manner, and this is very important in creating the perfect environment for Yoga.'

- Helen Baker

'I have attended Sandra’s yoga classes for the past five years, she is an excellent yoga teacher providing a safe working environment in a very calm, relaxed manner.

Sandra is very committed to promoting yoga and its beneficial impact on the body.

Her sessions are progressive, developmental and always emphasise individual response to the postures practiced, making individual adaptation if needed.'

- Jackie Deathe.

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