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Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga

This is a great way to improve the morale, productivity, and health of your employees.

Yoga also aids in preventing many work related repetitive strain disorders.

Studies show yoga is effective at releasing stress, at counteracting negative emotions and reducing sick leave from backaches or headaches. 

Employers and employees can arrange either:

  • A one-off session e.g. a staff training day or
  • A weekly class at a time that is convenient to you and your employees

Classes can be from 30 minutes (stretch and de-stress) to 90 minutes, with the average being one hour.

Classes can be either chair-based in which case there is no need need special clothing or mats.

They also can be taught in the traditional way using floor mats. It all depends on the client’s needs and availability of space and time.

Cost is based on participants - minimum £35 per class

Company Benefits:

  • Helps to reduce absence from work due to stress-related conditions
  • Demonstrates a positive approach towards the wellbeing of your employees
  • Increases staff morale and motivation helping to improve productivity
  • Demonstrates your commitment to staff health and wellbeing

Clients have included:

Forest Holidays in Moira

Teaching staff at Anglesey Primary Academy in Burton-on-Trent

Teaching staff at Ivanhoe College in Ashby-de-la Zouch.


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